Tag: medical thriller

Bad Medicine by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #1014)

Bad medicine is a medical thriller and begins with Brad Parker, a professor serving as an interim director for a research institute. Everything to him is routine until he finds himself dealing with patients dying mysteriously after a clinical trial.

Forever by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #766)

Forever is a medical thriller story about a professor who is on his sabbatical leave. Brad Parker is one of Harvard’s Genomic engineers, and he specializes in altering genome to find a cure for cancer. He is contacted by the FBI asking him to… Continue Reading “Forever by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #766)”

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A Predator and A Psychopath: A Dark and Twisted Psychological Thriller by Jay Kerk (Book Review #642)

A predator and a psychopath is a psychological thriller about Jason. He is admitted to a psych ward, and while he is there, he begins to understand a few things he seems to have forgotten. The most alarming question he has is why does… Continue Reading “A Predator and A Psychopath: A Dark and Twisted Psychological Thriller by Jay Kerk (Book Review #642)”

The Moment Between by Gareth Frank (Book Review #604)

The moment between is a medical thriller written about Doctor Hackette Metzger who has spent 4 years getting over the loss of his wife. He is a neurologist and loses his wife by a heart attack. He blames himself for what has happened, but… Continue Reading “The Moment Between by Gareth Frank (Book Review #604)”

Wicked Girl by IV Olokita (Book Review #600)

Wicked Girl is a psychological thriller written about John Wilcox, who happens to save a girl from a mental institute when an earthquake occurs. Elsie’s father begins searching for her lost daughter, and the journey between John and Elsie begins.

The Prize by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #420)

The Prize is a medical thriller set in a world where medical research is at its peak. The story begins with Pam Weller discovering a drug that can treat Alzheimer’s. After any discovery, the complications of placing your name on the invention becomes another… Continue Reading “The Prize by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #420)”