The Moment Between by Gareth Frank (Book Review #604)

The moment between is a medical thriller written about Doctor Hackette Metzger who has spent 4 years getting over the loss of his wife. He is a neurologist and loses his wife by a heart attack. He blames himself for what has happened, but things take a turn, and new revelations happen to change his understanding of things.

He has an opportunity to happens where he can study near-death experiences. Meeting someone new is also tough for him, and that is where the story takes an interesting turn. By meeting someone new and him being, so emotionally vulnerable, Sarah takes advantage of the situation.

The love story has mystery and complications embedded in it, and for that reason, the content had layers providing room for its complexity. The plot was enjoyable to read, and the pace was steady enough, keeping you intrigued.

The lesson you take from the story is to look deeper and think with your heart rather than your eyes. Happiness and its meaning become a question, and the plot makes you ponder after the story is finished. I cherished the author’s delicate touch in expressing emotions and appreciation for what he tried to create.

I recommend the book to fiction thriller fans and people who like to read mystery.

Written by Jeyran Main

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