Hashtag Queer LGBTQ+ vOL 3. By Sage Kalmus (Book Review #605)

Hashtag Queer LGBTQ is a collection of fictional stories, poetry, non- fiction essays, memoirs, scripts, and screenplays. The book is a way of expression for the struggles the Queer literature has suffered. The unsuccessful attempts of failing to publish, to write, to be heard, and to be known.

The work is the third volume of what’s to be a representation of the LGBTQ community.  The short stories were all written from various writers, poems were about love, first dates, and even about Batman.

Personally, I didn’t see why being part of the LGBTQ community had to separate you from being a writer. An author is someone that has the ability and skill to write down what they think by telling a story, citing a poem and drawing a script. I don’t believe that one’s sexuality has anything to do with that or should even be a factor for any kind of limitations.

I appreciated Sage’s work for what it was and her attempt to producing this collection. The literature is organized and paced together in a well-managed way. It has something for everyone, and I recommend it to people who like to read short stories, fiction, poems, and scripts.

Written by Jeyran Main

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2 Comments on “Hashtag Queer LGBTQ+ vOL 3. By Sage Kalmus (Book Review #605)

  1. It’s a struggle because too many people hear the author is LGBTQI and immediately think “perversion” and “pornography.” They won’t read the book before judging it. Also, in many small towns, bookstores will refuse to carry LGBTQI books and authors because they are afraid to offend people. Our local Barnes and Noble had a section, and some people in my town tried to force then to get rid of it. Our Wal-Mart won’t sell books from these authors. Yes, it is harder for this community to sell books. They face a lot of bigotry for just existing. It’s hard to be a writer when your work is shunned before it’s even read.

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