The Fractured Prism by Brendan Noble (Book Review #606)

The fractured prism is a young adult novel written about a boy named Ivan. He lives in a socialist government where everyone is color-coded based on their class when they turn sixteen. Ivan is a Coyote trying to fight against the Prism who have put this system in place. Ivan’s color code is red which means he is at the bottom of the class list. The story takes a turn when he saves a princess and realizes that she too has the same belief as he does. Together they create an interesting thrilling story trying to take the Prism down without losing each other or their lives.

The dystopian romance not only had sci-fi mystery but it also had teen nature dialogue and story plot line. The literature was suitable for the age of the readers and the description of the work was thrilling to read. The politics and government drawn in this world were not novel. I have read many books describing a similar style of formats however, I believe what made this book different was the dynamic of the characters and the blend of the whole thing together as a story.


I recommend this book to people who are sci-fi readers and enjoy reading young adult books.


Written by Jeyran Main

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