Raven’s Will (The Snow Queen Saga 1) by Terry Graves (Book Review #607)

Raven’s will is a children’s folk tale about a Snow Queen called Skadi. The story is like a fairytale retelling and is set in the Viking Age. The Queen’s main job is to protect the Bifrost Bridge from the trolls and giants. Her job as a protector is not so easy and an old Prophecy meaning a great winter is to come before Ragnarok does not seem to be so far-fetched from happening.

The story also has an interesting character named Gerda. She has always wanted to have life larger than the one she lives in. Gerda happens to find a giant trapped under the ice and by saving the giant her life changes and a journey begins with her friends that were interesting to read.


The literature and descriptive nature are what caught my eye. Of course, this being a fairytale retelling, I was expecting the same fantasy style writing but due to it being a sequel I was presuming a well-built backstory and foundation for the future stories. In this matter, the author manages to delightfully provide enough material to cover both.


Another thing that caught my attention was the setting of the story. The author has taken delightful attention in making sure that everything matched the Viking era. I appreciated that.


I believe fairytale readers and fantasy fans would enjoy this tale.

Written by Jeyran Main

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