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The Adventures of Ominous Crane By R.C.J. Dwane (Book Review #1206)

The adventure of ominous is a young adult/ teen book and is filled with the adventures of a famous Ominous Crane who retells his stories with his grandson.

 No Man’s Land by Ben Magid (Book Review #976)

No man’s land is a dystopian fiction about Rebel, the last remaining human alive on planet earth. Her life is simply about survival and avoiding being hunted by androids. Her only hope and help is a Mech named Thomas, helping her and providing hope… Continue Reading ” No Man’s Land by Ben Magid (Book Review #976)”

The Legend of Solis (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 2) by Noah Michael (Book Review #693)

The legend of solis is the second young adult book from the fantasy series Chronicles of the Enlai.

Birthright: Sierra’s Legacy by Rod Martinez (Book Review #661)

Birthright is a young adult story written about a girl named Sierra. Something horrible happens at a lake, leaving deep scars on her and subsequently effects the rest of her life. The young girl possesses powers that shape up the storyline in an interesting… Continue Reading “Birthright: Sierra’s Legacy by Rod Martinez (Book Review #661)”

The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1) by Noah Michael (Book Review #609)

The Nexas mirror is a young adult book set in 2049. The fantasy world is called Enlai, and the tribe people living in it have certain powers. Everything should work smoothly; however, not for this world. There are many characters at play, such as… Continue Reading “The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1) by Noah Michael (Book Review #609)”

The Fractured Prism by Brendan Noble (Book Review #606)

The fractured prism is a young adult novel written about a boy named Ivan. He lives in a socialist government where everyone is color-coded based on their class when they turn sixteen. Ivan is a Coyote trying to fight against the Prism who have… Continue Reading “The Fractured Prism by Brendan Noble (Book Review #606)”