The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1) by Noah Michael (Book Review #609)

The Nexas mirror is a young adult book set in 2049. The fantasy world is called Enlai, and the tribe people living in it have certain powers. Everything should work smoothly; however, not for this world. There are many characters at play, such as Raiden, Sarah, and Alia. Things take a turn when Sarah, who is the last from her tribe, has the ability to end the resistance. She holds the key to an ancient portal called the Nexus Mirror. Raiden has also had his own fair share of loss and agony. His orphanage gets attacked, and he also has lost his father in a bad way. He too has enough motive to end the constant troubles and seeks peace.

The story begins with each chapter explaining the time era and the various characters. The sci-fi world has secrets, and it is filled with magical beings such as engineered dinosaurs, zombies, and super-powered pirates. I wasn’t sure how this all was going to work out at first but was pleasantly surprised with how the author had kept everything together and did not leave any loopholes out.


The literature required a more in-depth descriptive nature as it was to be the first book of a sequel, but what did exist was pleasantly appreciated. The material was definitely suitable for the young adult genre. The chapters were short, and this created gaps between the flow for the story as chapters kept jumping from locations and characters to the next.


What I believe you will experience is a thrilling journey filled with excitement, and I would recommend it to sci-fi fantasy readers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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