Legends of the Exiles by Jesse Teller (Book Review #610)

Legends of the Exiles is a fantasy adventure book written as a collection of four novellas telling a tale of four resilient women dealing with abuse, addiction, assault, and grief.

The ‘Dreaded Desires’ is about a girl named Helena. She falls in love with a man that she despised for most of her life. Her character is not as appealing as one would like but, nevertheless, she was an interesting character to read about. Her personality was strong in a not so positive way and her interactions did raise some questions.


The ‘Princess Prophet’ is about a girl named Jocelyn. Her world is filled with fantasy and nightmares. She has to make sacrifices and her destiny is unsure yet, she is willing to give up what she has in order to see what’s to happen.


‘Dead Girl’ which is book three, describes sensitive matters such as sexual assault. The story is about Ellen. She is a really delightful girl which you instantly bond with. Having gone through an unpleasant ordeal she is a survivor and wants to change her life around.


The last book, ‘Daughter of Beasts’ is about Rachel. She is different from the other three characters. In a way, I found her more interesting and her strong character appealed to me.


I have read many of this author’s books. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them and this one did not disappoint either. I recommend this book to dark fantasy readers, and people who like to read good literature.


Written by Jeyran Main

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