Author Interview with Timothy Moonlight

Author Interview with Timothy Moonlight    

  1. In what genre would The Last Word be classified?

The Last Word is a technology-driven thriller riddled with mystery. It revolves around the life of Claire Bigsby right after her father’s death. In her struggle with grief and other intense situations she faces within the book, the reader is drawn into an intriguing web of constant suspicion.

  1. What is the main plot of the book?

It revolves around Claire Bigsby and a group of her friends and acquaintances inside InfiniTech. During her struggle with grief, she is suddenly thrown into a dangerous situation and she isn’t sure where it will lead. In the opening scenes, she discovers people she doesn’t know have a very clear interest in her and she doesn’t know why. Plus, there are problems inside InfiniTech, her late father’s company. Massive change is taking place and the people inside, corporate executives and other employees are starting to wonder about where this will all lead. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say the story will compel you to keep turning the pages. You will have to find out why certain things are taking place inside the company. You will want to know why certain things are happening. It is a mystery thriller, one that you will be glad to have read. For a look at a few book trailers that are available, along with the synopsis, see my website:

  1. How did you come up with the idea for the novel?

This novel was borne out of my own personal loss of my father in 2011. It’s interesting because when I started writing The Last Word, I had no idea my own sense of loss would enshroud the book, but if you look hard enough, anyone who knows me will be able to see that, in a way, the story chronicles my own bout with grief. Anyone who has lost a loved one, someone who is irreplaceable in their life, will be able to identify with what Claire is going through in the book. The story doesn’t stay in a bleak mood as you will recognize after the characters are introduced.

  1. Why do you think people read thrillers?

People don’t read books to feel depressed, lol. People read thrillers because they want to see how other’s deal with tragedy and situations that they wouldn’t want to be in themselves, but they sure don’t mind reading about in other people’s lives. It’s part of the element of seeing someone overcome impossible odds. The mystery involved in the novel helps solidify its ability to grip you, to startle you, and it keeps you turning the pages. One of the goals behind my writing is to keep you wondering, keep you reading, and maybe even keep you up at night. I can remember a substitute teacher from 2nd grade who used to have a “story-time” with us at some point in the day. She told us scary stories! Lol I used to go home and spend half my night awake because of what she described. Now, I hope I don’t have that type of effect on readers, but I have to say, those types of interactions in my life have helped shape my own stories.

Timothy Moonlight


Timothy Moonlight is a suspense author who is, at long last, following his passion. He is dedicated to writing mystery thrillers with multiple twists, some that he hopes his readers never see coming. His novels are known for strong characters, a gripping plot, and a fast read.









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