Manifesting Creativity by A’alia Zealous

Manifesting Creativity by A’alia Zealous

Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness, and they most certainly have will. Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner. It is only through a humans effort that an idea can be escorted out of the ether and into the realm of the actual.

—#New York Times Best Selling Author, Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

With the blooming of artists everywhere many struggle with finding their way. Second guessing if they’re creative enough or if they’re even creative at all. It becomes a challenge to connect and find the others of like mind. There are levels to your expression. Your imagination, just like many other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your body is a muscle and has to be engaged to grow stronger. Your individuality has to be continuously cultivated and allowed room to change in its ever evolving state. You have to challenge your artistic skills and protect your creative process as well as your vision.

Being creative is the process in which you use your imagination, your individuality and your artistic skills to create original ideas. When you’re being creative you are taking parts of your life experiences and self expression to help come into form an innovative idea.

When your life experience aligns with your vision and your desire to create you will find that you can tap into a flow of endless creative possibilities. Only when you allow the world around you to inspire and help shape the vision that you wish to create, like it helped shape the person that you are, can you build your mental muscle of manifesting creativity.

A’alia Zealous, the author of the upcoming novel Godless and best selling author of So You Think You’re A Writer, has been writing books for over 7 years. Her most distinguishing features are whimsical dark fantasy and science fiction. Her educational background in advanced english and journalism has given her a broad base from which to draw inspiration from a myriad of topics.

Written by A’alia Zealous

To learn more about A’alia Zealous as well as read some vivd short stories full of forbidden muses visit her blog at

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