Self-doubt by Dennis Scheel

Self-doubt by Dennis Scheel


I can say with a wide certainty that 99% of writers have or have had some self-doubt in their writing at some point, some will have it worse than others. I, for example, have come a long way in the last few years. I had a girlfriend, who for ten years kept insisting that I had no talent in writing. She was so adamant about insisting it, that I believed it myself. So much even, that when I got the very first review on my first novel, (No way back: The Underworlds), I dreaded it being so bad, despite how much I spent on editor and proofreaders. I hoped it would be above two stars, it turned out to be five. Ironically it was one by Jeyran. That is my story in finding more confidence, I even got a finalist spot for my second one in a competition, something that helped too, yet I still, and always will have some self-doubt deep down my very core.

As many authors as there are, the same number of stories about finding confidence, there are, because we, (most of us) have a nagging doubt we can’t shake.

But how do we change it then? There are a few ways which could prove helpful.


*Friends or family. Their feedback can be useful, but what can really work wonders are reviews. An excellent review is hard to counter even if you are a pessimist. Feedback is always valuable, bad or good, it can only be a benefit. (If you’re willing to listen, that is.)


*Editor. An editor is there not to shred your story apart, but to make it the best it can be, an editor might point out what in your story works, and what doesn’t. (One should hope.) Side note; Jeyran is an Editor too.


No two writers are the same, so there might be a completely different way, or you could be one of 1% who never has or have had any doubt. No matter which one you are, you should at least know of some who has it. It can be a crippling thing, so it is a good thing to overcome, by whichever way that works for you. Because if you don’t try to overcoming it, it can cripple your writing…

What is your story, I wonder? How did you deal with self-doubt?


Written by Dennis Scheel

Author Biography:

Dennis Scheel has always had the stories running in his head, but not until after his accident, which left him mute and paralyzed on the right side was he able to tell them. After he worked his way back, he wanted to try to tell his story once more since an acquaintance told him there was talent in his poetry, he had been convinced by his ex not to write for ten years, she insisted he had no talent. This time tried in English since all other times failed. Finally, he succeeded, and he never stopped writing since. Which led to the completion of No Way Back- The Underworlds and the sequel Taken With a Dark Desire: The Underworlds

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