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The Orange Dragon Bowl by Betty P. Notzon (Book Review #1035)

The Orang Dragon Bowl is a young adult story about a 15-year-old girl, Julie Tyler. Things turn for the worse when an incident of food poisoning happens at school, her mother has cancer and a gang fight occurs, causing a lot of emotional disruption.

Where Silence Ends by Angela Ruiz and Mary Ruiz (Book Review #917)

Where silence ends is a beautiful story about how a young girl finally breaks silence over all the abuse and trauma she has gone through. Reading through four generations of Mexican American culture, family drama, and abuse, this memoir truly advocates for those who… Continue Reading “Where Silence Ends by Angela Ruiz and Mary Ruiz (Book Review #917)”

Hinterland by L. M. Brown (Book Review #783)

Hinterland is a fictional story written about family, love, and the importance of a father’s love for her daughter. Nicholas has a five-year-old daughter named Kate. Kate’s life falls apart when her mother disappears, and Nicholas does not reveal the real reason that has… Continue Reading “Hinterland by L. M. Brown (Book Review #783)”

How’s your family by Sayonara Machado (Book Review #718)

How’s your family, is a self-help book discussing the value of family and how it creates a harmonic life. The book is divided into four sections. It begins with the author’s story and then follows through with some secrets broadening the knowledge about family… Continue Reading “How’s your family by Sayonara Machado (Book Review #718)”

The black sky by Timothy D. Minneci (Book Review #702)

The black sky is a post-apocalyptic story set in Manhattan. It is the first book of a trilogy, and the story begins with Bishop working off to clear his citizenship dept. An offer comes with a task. Bishop’s debt is cleared if she goes… Continue Reading “The black sky by Timothy D. Minneci (Book Review #702)”

They Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World’s Loosest Cannons by Holly Kirbo (Book Review #648)

They slay me is a memoir written by a mother of three triplets and everything she has learned through raising them. The book is a mixture of humorous and exciting encounters where both parents find themselves watching their children grow. The compilation of stories… Continue Reading “They Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World’s Loosest Cannons by Holly Kirbo (Book Review #648)”

Self-doubt by Dennis Scheel

Self-doubt by Dennis Scheel   I can say with a wide certainty that 99% of writers have or have had some self-doubt in their writing at some point, some will have it worse than others. I, for example, have come a long way in… Continue Reading “Self-doubt by Dennis Scheel”