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The Survivors by T. C. Weber (Book Review #1337)

‘The survivors’ is a dystopian horror novella written about a world where civilization has collapsed, and only a few, like Lucy and her two kids, are surviving this ordeal. The post-apocalyptic tale lets you know how it is to live day by day and… Continue Reading “The Survivors by T. C. Weber (Book Review #1337)”

The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)

The swing of life is the second part of a contemporary fiction/family novella written about Antonia turning 50. He is surrounded by everyone he loves. However, the party falls apart a bit with him having some unanswered dilemma. As days go by Antonia understands… Continue Reading “The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)”

The Cheerful Prince: and other stories by Romario Ashley (Book Review #663)

The cheerful prince is a collection of short stories where the author demonstrates his skills in writing compact, interesting, short work or artistic delights. Every story is roughly ten pages long and is enough for the light reader to just whisk through before they… Continue Reading “The Cheerful Prince: and other stories by Romario Ashley (Book Review #663)”

Legends of the Exiles by Jesse Teller (Book Review #610)

Legends of the Exiles is a fantasy adventure book written as a collection of four novellas telling a tale of four resilient women dealing with abuse, addiction, assault, and grief.

The Revealing Cover – Legends of the Exiles by Jesse Teller

The Revealing Cover   I needed to go to a place I had never been before. I needed to reinvent the way we did covers. Writing Legends of the Exiles was a new experience for me. I write female characters a lot and have… Continue Reading “The Revealing Cover – Legends of the Exiles by Jesse Teller”

Fires of Lothia by Katherine Bryant (Book Review #510)

Fired of Lothia is a novella telling the story of Branna. Branna is a strong girl with high spirits who can ride a horse and fight along men using a sword. The story is short but quite eventful.

A Breath Before Sunrise By Jamie Horwath (Book Review #472)

A breath before sunrise is a novella written about a story set in the future. People live underground in a world where they can stay away from a strange deadly cell structure that takes various forms.

Look for Me Under the Rainbow: A Novella by Bernard Jan (Book Review #459)

Look for Me Under the Rainbow is a short story about an environmentalist trying to save a seals life. Helen has to save Danny from the hunters and the ice.

On Historical Societies by L. S. Johnson

On Historical Societies   Writing any kind of historical fiction, no matter how “alternate,” requires research. Once you choose to set your story in some combination of place and year, you need to make that setting come alive. Through the frame of your character’s… Continue Reading “On Historical Societies by L. S. Johnson”