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God’s Gift by Remi Dewitt (Book Review #1160)

God’s gift is a science fiction story about Devon, a little girl who meets an alien robot and asks him to help her make the world a little better. She calls it Auntie, and the two instantly bond and travel together.

The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)

The swing of life is the second part of a contemporary fiction/family novella written about Antonia turning 50. He is surrounded by everyone he loves. However, the party falls apart a bit with him having some unanswered dilemma. As days go by Antonia understands… Continue Reading “The Swing of Life by Sergio Bersanetti (Book Review #849)”

Descriptions by Keith Julius

Descriptions by Keith Julius          I love descriptive passages in books, the kinds that grab hold and yank you away from the humdrum concerns of everyday life. One of the great things about reading is it allows you to escape from reality for a… Continue Reading “Descriptions by Keith Julius”

Underneath By M. N. Arzu (Book Review #153)

This review was kindly requested by M. N. Arzu From time to time I receive the odd kind of book that I am not sure if I am going to like. This book brought me to shame for judging it. Underneath is book one… Continue Reading “Underneath By M. N. Arzu (Book Review #153)”

Rise of the Chosen by Anna Kopp (Book Review #156)

This review was kindly requested by Anna Kopp Rise of the Chosen is a young adult novel written about a girl named Sam. The world setting is in a way that when you die two things may happen. You either come back as The… Continue Reading “Rise of the Chosen by Anna Kopp (Book Review #156)”