A Breath Before Sunrise By Jamie Horwath (Book Review #472)

A breath before sunrise is a novella written about a story set in the future. People live underground in a world where they can stay away from a strange deadly cell structure that takes various forms.


While the protagonist, Bear, is sent to the surface in order to see if he could find something to defeat the cell however what he finds is what shapes this story and makes you want to read till the end.


I particularly enjoyed the part where he goes back to how everything used to be before the annihilation. The feeling of hope and despair is evident through the story and although it is short, I felt the author managed to keep enough substance for every scene.


The fact that Bear decides to stay in an environment where his life would be more in danger instead of living underground displayed a strength that I admired.


I found the book to be fast paced. The storyline was filled with curiosity and I enjoyed the literature style of expression and scenery telling. Some characters would have benefited from a stronger backstory but all together, I believe the author has potential and I look forward to reading more books from him.


Written by Jeyran Main

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