Look for Me Under the Rainbow: A Novella by Bernard Jan (Book Review #459)

Look for Me Under the Rainbow is a short story about an environmentalist trying to save a seals life. Helen has to save Danny from the hunters and the ice.

While this book emphasized on the nature aspect of the world and how we are affecting animals and the living. It also touched on pure human emotion and how far one can go to protect an animal.


The literature took me on an emotional ride as we also follow Danny and his life reading along with his experience as a baby seal, his father and what he experiences growing up.


What I believe this book would have benefited from was for it to be longer. The story takes off really smoothly and as an animal lover, I thoroughly enjoyed the perspective of an animal being the protagonist of the story.


I believe anyone that enjoys nature and animals would like reading this book. The author has potential in what he writes and I look forward to reading more from him.


Written by Jeyran Main

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