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The Bird that Sang in Color is the story of a woman who creates the life she always wanted and then leaves it behind when she discovers the secret to living free. Donna, in her early teens, decides that having a fulfilling life is… Continue Reading “THE BIRD THAT SANG IN COLOR by Grace Mattioli”

Betty P. Notzon

My love of words started with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Watching his speeches on TV as a little girl, I was bowled over by the big words he used. Words, I suspect, like deficit, congressional inquiry, and fiscal responsibility, words still being heard in… Continue Reading “Betty P. Notzon”

The Challenges COVID Brings to Writing by Dennis Scheel

Many challenges have surfaced since the virus reared its ugly head all over the globe. With 100 million people infected, we have all been influenced in some ways, which, of course, also shows in the world’s penmanship. It’s been almost a year since everything changed. This includes writing as well. Many authors now work from home, in… Continue Reading “The Challenges COVID Brings to Writing by Dennis Scheel”

Literary Devices Make Writers Giggle by John Espie

Back when I was taking Lit classes, I kept learning about allegory and extended metaphors and allusions and lots of other fancy words, and the whole time I couldn’t help but think, Are these professors taking this stuff way more seriously than the actual writers did?

Writing the Underbelly of New Orleans By James Snyder

I lived in New Orleans for over a decade. Long enough to know that a lot of what I’ve read and most of what I’ve seen in movie theaters about that place had little or nothing to do with its actuality. The heart and… Continue Reading “Writing the Underbelly of New Orleans By James Snyder”

Love Is Blood, Love Is Fabric by Mary De La Fuente

I wrote the poems for Love is Blood, Love is Fabric over the course of seven years. The event that really spurred this book into completion was my divorce, which took place in May 2019. The rush of emotions I felt at that time… Continue Reading “Love Is Blood, Love Is Fabric by Mary De La Fuente”

Writing the Gift Story by Alex Bernstein

No one likes staring at a blank page. Fortunately, many writers cultivate all sorts of prompts and tools to conquer that authorial vacuum as much as possible – whether it be leaving the previous day’s writing off on a cliffhanger – or maintaining an… Continue Reading “Writing the Gift Story by Alex Bernstein”

The Casting Meeting: A Daydream by Sybil Le Pyrmont

Remember the good olden days of adolescence? You were alone in your room, headphones on. The Wild Boys blared at tinnitus-inducing volumes. Your mic was a Dr Pepper can (with those few leftover drops that invariably landed in your eye), your audience a mirror… Continue Reading “The Casting Meeting: A Daydream by Sybil Le Pyrmont”

South America and Iron Spires over the White CitY by Joseph Rollins

My favorite question at book readings is why I chose Colombia for the setting of my Victorian-era steampunk novel. After opening in London, the main characters travel to New Grenada, the colonial name for the northwest corner of South America. The story progresses from… Continue Reading “South America and Iron Spires over the White CitY by Joseph Rollins”