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What Moves Me Most in My Novel by Sally Basmajian

I love to make people laugh, and So Hard to Do frisks along merrily, replete with many slapstick moments. While I was writing the novel, I experienced several laugh-out-loud moments, especially when my characters started acting inappropriately—or in some cases, idiotically. Once or twice,… Continue Reading “What Moves Me Most in My Novel by Sally Basmajian”

Do You Need a Muse to Eliminate Writer’s Block? by Teri M Brown

Writers across the globe, and from the first written writing system to today, have looked to the heavens for help with writing. In 3200 BC, Sumeria created the first writing system, and writers began looking to the goddess Nisaba. Egyptian writers begged Seshat for… Continue Reading “Do You Need a Muse to Eliminate Writer’s Block? by Teri M Brown”

Character Issues by Rob Roy O’Keefe

Maya Small is a main character in Rob Roy O’Keefe’s new book,  Small Stories: A Perfectly Absurd Novel. She has agreed to interview the author. Maya: Couldn’t you have found someone else for this? You of all people should know how busy I am… Continue Reading “Character Issues by Rob Roy O’Keefe”

Inspiring quotes to keep authors afloat by Lindsey Bakken

There’s a beautiful state of being—what experts call a flow state—that sometimes overtakes authors while writing. It’s like time ceases to exist, and a writer is fully invested in/experiencing the words as they come.

Interview with Alan Kessler

                                                                          Age 11. My best friend had a typewriter and using two fingers he typed                        out a story I dictated, signed, stating my age, and submitted for publication.                        I don’t remember where but I do recall that I thought using… Continue Reading “Interview with Alan Kessler”

Interview with Hrvoje Butković

1-How do you schedule your life when you’re writing? I do my best writing in the early morning, while I’m feeling fresh and my mind is clear. I tried writing in the evening after work as well, but was too tired to achieve the… Continue Reading “Interview with Hrvoje Butković”

Interview with Fred Tippett

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? Probably during my freshman year of college. I had already developed IDEAS for many short stories and a few books by then. Freshman year, though, was the first time that I actually… Continue Reading “Interview with Fred Tippett”

Interviewing Tom Pearson

There’s a series of short poems in Section Five of The Sandpiper’s Spell, which include some of my favorites. They are quite minimal and juxtapose images with simple observation and metaphor. “I dream of kumquats…” is a favorite among them:

Interview With Chelsea DeVries

1-When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? When I was in the second grade or seven years old, I wrote a story called The Enormous Garden. My teacher said that for seven years old, my descriptions were like that of… Continue Reading “Interview With Chelsea DeVries”