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From Plotting to Published By Alison O’Mara

My infatuation with reading started at a young age.  While escaping into well-crafted fictional worlds, the thought of creating my own hovered at the back of my mind.  As a tween, I secretly journaled about stories I could one day turn into a novel.  None of these… Continue Reading “From Plotting to Published By Alison O’Mara”

The Clarke and Fairchild series of spy thrillers by T.M. PARRIS

Why do I write spy thrillers? I’m fascinated by the idea of people lying for a living. Fake identities, secret meetings, shadowing and surveillance – how can that not make excellent story material? Motivations, too. What makes someone betray their country or their comrades,… Continue Reading “The Clarke and Fairchild series of spy thrillers by T.M. PARRIS”

Through a different lens By Whitney Rines

“Write in your own lane, you can’t or don’t have the right to properly represent (x) race, culture, religions, etc.”. This is a common view going around right now and isn’t new. Telling other authors that they can’t possibly do the character justice just… Continue Reading “Through a different lens By Whitney Rines”

Nonfiction and Me by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

When most people talk about books or writing they usually mean fiction. I’ve created plenty of my own worlds and original stories, but my most prominent tales are all true stories. Nonfiction is incredibly underrated. From Michelle Obama’s memoir to I Am Malala, Born… Continue Reading “Nonfiction and Me by Jessica Marie Baumgartner”

“Publishing for a New Reality” by Michael Amos

We believe that every book should be unique and that the publishing method for each author should be personalised to fit exactly with their needs. No greater opportunity arose for us than when Janice Dolley, author of our latest published book Awakening to a… Continue Reading ““Publishing for a New Reality” by Michael Amos”

An Interview with Myself as a Cat: A Guide to Avoiding Writer’s Block by E. A. Bagby

Me: Hi cat-me. Welcome to our interview. Cat: Meow. Me: Now, my first question may seem obvious, so I’m guessing you might get this a lot, but why do you like being interviewed as a cat?

The Desire to Write by Janet LoSole

The desire to write gnawed at me for years. My closest friend was writing a book about her life in India, and I was inspired by her persistence and enthusiasm. She encouraged me to put pen to paper and begin!

The Hidden Protagonist by Ron Zayas

I was halfway through my novel, following my character descriptions and intricate outline to a T, when I realized I had the wrong hero.

“The American Healthcare Mess” by Gilbert Simon

The coronavirus pandemic didn’t cause the problem, but it’s forced us to the reality that our health care system is failing and crying out for reform. Die-hard conservatives have dug in their heels to resist any changes, but how long can they persist in… Continue Reading ““The American Healthcare Mess” by Gilbert Simon”