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Hello, Book Lovers!

Authors pour their hearts, time and effort into writing their book. Then they spend hours searching and speaking to many publishers to find the best possible way to distribute their work, without giving all of the profit to the publisher. Sometimes they publish independently! Now, pin this short story I just gave you, because I am going to return to it.

The Author finally manages to publish his work, but no one knows how good the book is unless someone decides to press that star button or writes something nice about it. This is the harsh reality of how things work.

Here is where a nicely written review comes in handy. The first thing you probably should know is that everyone is interested to see what you think. Hence, giving an honest and detailed review not only makes it clear for the buyers but also provides constructive criticism to the writer.


Take Notes

When you decide to take on reviewing a book, the first thing you do is taking notes. Every chapter you read will leave an impression on you. It may give you certain feelings or have you question certain things. These are all excellent points you keep for when you decide to write the review.

If you wait until you finish the entire book and then start writing, you may miss certain parts of the book or not be able to give a fair judgment on the entirety of the work. However, if you give it a day, and then read your notes, you are more likely going to make a better judgment and have a better understanding of how good or bad the book really is.


Time to Review

First, do not give away the ending!

There are two kinds of reviews you can write:

A Descriptive Review

Aim for the purpose of the work and provide a description mentioning some passages from the text. Make sure the description is intriguing so that the reader will want to know more. Also, try talking about the character, theme, plot, style, setting, biography and history of the work.

A Critical Review

Aim for knowing more about the author and their purpose in writing such a book. The book should represent what the author does, or is about. This relativity between the author and their book is normally the case for all, however; there are times where they do not sync. In any case, if they do, then you have more to say. You have to be comfortable in knowing the entire context; literary standard and history of the genre of which the book stands on before you can even consider basing any evaluation on the work.

Important note

The content of the work should talk about the things you liked and the things you thought could have been better. Now, here is where you can take that pin out, (the one I told you about above). If you cannot give constructive criticism towards the book, then you better not say anything at all.

Do not forget the Author has spent hours of time and money and his whole heart into the story. Your deconstructive criticism will only give false negative feedback on the book, and you potentially become a factor for a possible cause of a good book becoming underrated. I am sure many may disagree with me here, but I firmly believe that unless you do not have a really negative fact about the book, then you best not say anything at all.


When you wish to summarize, emphasize more on the good parts of the book, than the bad. You have already stated the negative part, and there is best not to dwell on it too much. If you wish, you can consider rating the book based on how you liked or disliked the book; you can also suggest the reader buy the book or not to consider it at all.

Written by: Jeyran Main




A twisted fate is a fantasy story about Evangeline being prophesized to be the most powerful witch and the fate decider of Earth. For this reason, she is a target, and witch hunters or warlocks are after her to use her powers for their advantage. However, when she is kidnapped, things get even more challenging…

Unveiling by Zel Winter (Book Review #1030)

Unveiling is book one of the Mythical creature’s series. The story primarily revolves around Dan and Nina’s love. It is filled with fairies, sorcerers, dragons and all things supernatural. I did sometimes think of the Twilight saga, with the whole vampire love. Nina is an immortal human twin and, Dan is an ancient Vampire. Nina…

A little chat with Veralyn Keach

Hey Guys! I’m Veralyn Keach, the writer and author of the new fiction vampire series, “The Scent Of A Man.” I reside in Port St Lucie, Florida and when I’m not writing I’m glued to Netflix or Hulu!

How our interests develop us as writers by Dennis Scheel

When we first begin our lives, we slowly start to cultivate hobbies and friendships. Most of us first discover the joy in reading through school. As we experience the delights hidden away in the magic of stories, making our imaginations soar. But different people find the same sort of joy in different activities; such as…

180⁰ Chord by Chris Leicester (Book Review #1029)

180⁰ Chord is a mystery crime fiction story. The focus is mainly on Detective Sergeant John Gray, the hero of the police force convicted for murdering his wife out of rage. He is sent to the prison that he is familiar with many of the criminals inside. He put them there. His life and situation…

AI in your life by Chai the AI Bot (Book Review #1028)

AI club is introducing seven books about artificial intelligence and its implications, application and concepts to children. The club is owned and run by Nisha Talagala, and the series is a beautiful collection for parents to use as a tool to teach kids about AI.

The Shiva Syndrome Trilogy by Alan Joshua (Book Review #1027)

The Shiva syndrome trilogy is three parts of, The Mind of Stefan Dürr, Cosmic Ape and The Interdimensional Nexus into one book. The trilogy is a sci-fi thriller and begins with an experiment studying the human’s mind goes wrong, and suddenly strange things start to happen in Canada, the USA, and Russia.

Positive Vision by Ken Brandt (Book Review #1026)

Positive Vision is a biography written about Brandt’s life, adventure and encounters. He presents his outtake on life and entertains the reader with his exciting retelling’s of explorations, jumping from a plane, chasing a criminal in New York, and more. He is honest about his poor eyesight and all the hurdles or possible limitations it…

The Goal Driven Business by Edward W. Petty (Book Review #1025)

The goal driven business is a self-help book for those who own a business. The author offers a new methodology to simplify and fasten the current proceedings of a business. The book is used as a guide explaining the advantages of marketing and how to survive by aiming to accomplish goals rather than just leading…

Illyia – The Feigned Moon of Entiria by E. A. Bagby (Book Review #1024)

Illyia is the second book of the feigned moon of Entria series. Having read book one, I knew what I was getting into. The story continued with Giels Deo wanting to be the Lead storyteller and kept overcoming many highs and lows. While he was heroic and the challenges he faced were intriguing to read,…

The Patriot’s Grill By Steven Day (Book review #1022)

The Patriot’s Grill is a thriller sci-fi story. It begins in the future, dating to the year 2099 where America has a dystopian dictatorship, and democracy is a far-fetched concept. Joe Carlton, a bartender working at a Grill restaurant, has been at his job for over 20 years. Although it isn’t his ideal life situation,…

The Broken Heart of Arelium by Alex Robins (Book Review #1021)

The broken heart of Arelium is the first book of the “War of the twelve series.” Over 400 years ago, twelve warrior’s units were sent to push evil back to the underground, and so the Knights of the twelve were created, inducing a story filled with fantasy, thrill, and compelling mysteries.

Searching for Sarah by Phillip Vega (Book Review #958)

Searching for Sarah is a mystery romance novel about Tom Ruiz’s emotional journey dealing with the grief of losing his sister, Nina. Tom aims to fulfill her dying wish by locating Nina’s love, a woman named Sarah. Nina’s diary is his only source of information and Tom learns a few things on his adventure discovering…

The Frontline: Season 1 Episode 1 by MICHAEL SANTINO (Book Review #957)

The frontline is a Crime thriller and written in episodes of a serial nature. It is written in short installments and can be read in short sittings. The story begins with an investigation conducted over a domestic terrorism incident. The job is given to Christopher Odacio, an FBI agent, and Brett Bonner, an investigator. However,…

The String Rider by John Espie (Book Review #1020)

The string rider is a beautiful story about Trevor, who happens to travel 20 years in the future by clicking on a device button his girlfriend Rubie insists on trying on. Trevor’s initial plan is just to grab a lottery ticket and travel back. He only has two hours, so he has to rush; however,…

Silent Rise by Rick H. Jones (Book Review #1023)

Silent rise is a memoir. It is a form of documentation that displays Jones’s parents supporting his dreams, his love for the arts and how he graduates with a Masters in Fine Arts. Jones believes that he can change and transform communities through art programs, and so due to his skills and abilities, he directs…

The Virtue of Pressure by JOHN VANDERSLICE

Drafting my forthcoming novel NOUS NOUS (October 19 from Braddock Avenue Books) was unlike drafting any other novel I’ve written. You see, I originally composed the book in a Novel Writing Workshop class, one in which I asked my students to complete a full draft in one 13-week semester. I knew it would be an…

Palm Lines by Jonathan Koven (Book Review #1019)

Palm Lines is a collection of poems about nature. The poems were divided into three segments and each was accompanied by beautiful illustrations that complemented the work. The author expresses scenes that were related to his youth and expressions of love and relationships.

Bara Lodge by Tsiresy Rasolondraibe (Book Review #1018)

Bara Lodge is a crime fiction. The story begins with Hary Andrean travelling to Madagascar to meet his girlfriend’s parents and ask permission to take her hand in marriage. While he does not get approved or blessed, more complications happen to revolve around drug dealings and kidnapping.

Everything Somewhere by David Kummer (Book Review #1017)

Everything somewhere is a coming of age fictional story geared toward the young adult generation. It begins with Hudson, a young man who is dealing with depression and isolation. He meets Bruce Michaels, who is a celebrity hiding away from the public eye. The relationship between them grows, and each to their own begins to…

The Pale Queen by Tyler Sehn (Book Review #1016)

The Pale Queen is a metaphysical fantasy story about Seren, and a quest, holding a weapon created to kills gods all in the service of the Pale Queen. In a world where humans and god co-exist, Seren journeys from one place to another, encountering numerous chains of events.

Bad Medicine by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #1014)

Bad medicine is a medical thriller and begins with Brad Parker, a professor serving as an interim director for a research institute. Everything to him is routine until he finds himself dealing with patients dying mysteriously after a clinical trial.

Garden of Grief by Lori Koidahl (Book Review #1013)

Garden of Grief is a self-help book about grieving and how to deal with loss. The author is familiar with the matter as she, too, has dealt with it. The book is a personal telling of how things have worked out for her and encourages the readers to find a path and transform the pain.

Forgive us by E. T. Gunnarsson (Book Review #1012)

Forgive us is an action-packed post-apocalyptic story that deals with a couple of intertwining storylines that end up meeting up with each other. It begins in the year 2100. Oliver is a lone survivor, then moves on to 50 years after introducing London and Rose. Eventually, we end up in the year 2185, where we…

Dead Letters by Sheila Lowe (Book Review #1010)

Dead Letters is a mystery crime story about Claudia Rose’s desperate hunt for her missing niece, Monica, who goes on an archaeology dig in Egypt. The more Claudia researched, the more drama and adventure she encountered. Claudia’s expertise in international forensic handwriting comes in handy in discovering a terrorist group involved. The journey then continues…

The Seed of Rosewood by Massimo Rozzoni (Book Review #1009)

The seed of rosewood is a historical story set in 1715. The narration is written in a diary form and begins with Patrick Douglas, a 15-year-old kidnapped from his beautiful Scottish farm. Surviving becomes key as Pirates take Patrick. They are headed for Providence Island in the Bahamas, and Patrick tells his journey and adventure…

‘BITÉK, He From Whom Death Ran by Massocki Ma Massocki

The highly awaited and undisputed upcoming African classic literature ‘BITÉK, He From Whom Death Ran’ by Cameroonian author, Massocki Ma Massocki, and which will be released on the first of September was reviewed and featured on the Daily Info, a magazine of the University of Oxford in England, United Kingdom. The review titled ‘ A Ballad of Ancestry’ was…

Grooty Fledermaus Finds a Friend by D. L. Kruse (Book Review #1008)

Grooty Fledermaus is the first book of seven in its series, and it is a children’s book. The story begins with Katie sitting alone, looking outside the window. She uses a wheelchair, and her mother thinks a trip to Grandma’s house may change things for this little girl. As her Grandpa shows her a batch…

House of Lazarus by T. L. Bodine (Book Review #1007)

House of Lazarus is an indie horror story and the second book in its series, but it can be read as a standalone story. The action thriller begins with Davin Montoya, a 23-year-old member of the Underground, a group of walking dead living under the government radar.

Transmission by Michael Golvach (Book Review #1006)

Transmissions is a love story about Amelie and Benjamin and how their memories of a lifetime together shape the story at hand. Love is a strong notion, and in this novel, we read how two people can be in love, fall apart and live in memories only to come back together.

Rapid-Fire Interview of Ken Brandt

Ready for some really fast questions and answers about you and your book “Positive Vision: Enjoying the Adventures and Advantages of Poor Eyesight”?  Lets go, please fire away! 

Breaking Free by Julia Tannenbaum (Book Review #1006)

Breaking free is a young adult fiction. It is the second book of its series and continues with Grace, a sixteen-year-old struggling with the world around her. Social expectations and family drama are taking a toll on her. She is overwhelmed and has to make hard choices for her life.

Cutthroat Cheerleader by Zachary Ryan (Book Review #1005)

Cutthroat cheerleader is a coming-of-age fictional story. It begins with Madison Taylor, a cheerleader captain, who is murdered. She is well known, a bully, controlling, and she realizes how her actions and behavior have affected everyone after her death. Her soul looks over everyone, and she knows who killed her. The killer is not done,…

Three Paradoxes Resolved by Writing Novels

My first suspense novel, Shrink Rapt, took me eight years to complete, an arduous and gratifying accomplishment.  As a psychologist, I value life lessons, especially when they come in the form of paradox.  Slogging through to the finish taught me three vital things. 

A Happy Ghost by Karl Kristian Flores

Somewhere in Kentucky Today I breathe in a town I don’t know,
 Whose warm weather is wet and thundering, Whose streetlights droop from wires sinking low, Whose milky life pace keeps me wondering.
 To where I went I did not care—I turned.
 I saw houses, some people, and some food.
 Again? I wanted something different,


Dear Resident of the Earth Realm, Imagine if you had the infernos of a mythical, fire dragon raging inside of you. Imagine if you had centuries of power and majesty trapped within your physical body. Now, imagine you are a tentative, thirteen-year old boy recruited to join an interminable war against forces from another realm…

The Many Reincarnations of Cinderella by Bruce Calhoun

Perhaps the most famous fairy tale in Western literature, Cinderella has been retold and reimagined in a staggering number of books and movies.   The books and movies fall within two categories:  modern day Cinderella stories featuring an underdog heroine and historical Cinderella stories with a twist – such as telling the story from the point…

When plotting is too much by Dennis Scheel

Most authors, both new to the craft and well-seasoned, do some plotting before starting a new story. Some settle for a few points, but for others, their plotting has become so long that it can be a novel in itself. Pantsers are the exception to this rule; they write without any pre-planning.  Everyone writes differently…

Luck be a Lady by Chris H. Stevenson (Book Review #1003)

Lucky be a lady is an urban fantasy story about Mason Hart, who loses everything in just 48 hours until Felicity Fortune shows up, changing things around for him. She offers him hope and lets him know that his luck has changed. Mason must find a solution as he finds himself at the centre of…

No way Back Today by Eric Shoars (Book Review #1002)

No way back today is a beautiful story written about Eric wanting to do something that has felt right for a long time. He decides to start his rock and roll band by gathering all his childhood friends before turning 50. Facing impossible odds, age issues, the story keeps you cheering on for the characters…

1000 BOOK REVIEWS…done!

I hit 1000 book reviews! Rod Walters kindly wrote this for me. Written by Rod Walters Congratulations, Review Tales, on 1,000! Anyone ever run into another book reviewer who has chalked up a thousand reviews? Of course you almost certainly haven’t.

An Interview With AE Hines

Pre-order the collection and each dollar raised between June and November will be matched dollar-for-dollar and donated to The Trevor Project. 1. What’s your favorite thing you have written? This is a difficult question. I don’t generally think of anything I write in this way, or necessarily have a “favorite.”  I’m hyper-analytical, so by the time…

Orange City by Lee Matthew Goldberg (Book Review #1001)

Orange city is a dystopian thriller story about a hidden city giving a second chance at life. However, there is a catch; you can never leave. The place is ruled by a giant spider look-alike man that everyone is afraid of. Imagine a community of people who have had a financial crisis, criminal history, and…

Dormir by Michael Golvach (Book Review #1000)

Dormir is a crime mystery about a private investigation conducted by Payden Beck; a police officer hired to find Bill Dooley’s missing niece. He initially refuses as he is tired of all the brutality and harshness of the business; however, when the 13-year-old Chloe shows up, things change for him. The case is not easy,…

Broken pieces of god David Seaburn (Book Review #999)

Broken pieces of god is a fictional story about a couple and their struggles with cancer, unemployment, financial hardship, and religious reliance. Eddy works for a cable company and loses his job. Gayle is a tax accountant who has ovarian cancer, enduring failed treatments and insurance problems. The family is under great suffering, and the…

What Frees the Heart by Karen A. Wyle (Book Review #998)

What frees the heart is a romantic fiction novel. It is the second book in the ‘Cownbird Creek’ series. Set in 1876, Tom, a farmer’s boy who has lost his leg, feels as if he has lost his manhood and value. On the other hand, Jenny, a prostitute, feels as if she has no different…

Stronger Together by Andrea Green (Book Review #997)

Stronger together is a contemporary romance. It all begins with Susie Quinn and her marriage to Matt, the controlling, abusive type, introducing a whole new drama to the story. Fortunately, Susie is not one to take it any longer, and her attempt to run away leaves her with even more problems.

Suffer Little Children by Freda Hansburg (Book Review #996)

Suffer little children is a psychological thriller written about Robin Perry, an administrator for tremendous national research programs bullied by Gloria Reyes into curing Alex, her young son, from a malignant brain tumour. No matter how much Robin insists that the research program is not for Alex, Gloria does not care, and the drama between…

The Pit In The Valley by Stephen A. Kennedy (Book Review #993)

The Pit is a post-apocalyptic science fiction story. The second book of the In the Valley trilogy begins following a year after the horrific pandemic that ravaged the entire world. Everything has changed. The infected roam the cities, destroying and creating trouble for the surviving people. The story continues with Jason helping Samantha find her…

The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks (Book Review #992)

The Demeter code is a suspenseful mystery and crime story. The third book is series and begins with Ridley Fox and Nita Parris being assigned to find out why two American embassies in northern Africa have been bombed. Things turn worse when one of their top assets is killed and the couple realized that there…

Stella by Josh Dygert (Book Review #991)

Stella is a novella about a young girl who lives with her father in Torrance. She has a best friend and a dog. Her mother disappeared when she was young. A meteor hits their cornfield. Stella and her father run after the fallen star. Once he touches the star, he disappears, and that’s when things…

Love is Blood; Love is Fabric by Mary de la Fuente (Book Review #989)

Love is blood is a poetry book that has been written for over seven years. It is filled with emotions, including grief, complex relationships, romance, difficulties, and values that drive from intuitions. There are also elements of spiritual and psychological matters resonating throughout the book. I found the book to be enjoyable to read. I…

Maggie finds her muse by Dee Ernst (Book Review #990)

Maggie finds her muse is a contemporary romance story. It begins with Maggie Bliss, a 48-year-old writer who hasn’t had much luck in relationships and struggles to finish her third novel. Following a suggestion made to her, she travels to Paris, lives in a beautiful apartment, and meets new people aspiring to finish her manuscript….

Gone by Reagan Keeter (Book Review #988)

GONE is a thriller fiction written about how Connor does everything he can to find his abducted parents. Although police have been doing all they can, Connor finds himself searching for his parents, who have been taken.

Cancel culture by Dennis Scheel

Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy’s) was recently doxed and his family was threatened with home invasions, forcing him to retire. But what could cause a debacle like that? I found it shocking, but his political views led to his ‘cancelation’. The news story about Scott made me think about the…

Book Porn By Auriane de Rudder

You guys, I think I’ve developed…a problem. It started out, as these things often do, innocently. I was young, in middle school, and didn’t fit in. My hormones were surging and my awkward stage was in full swing. I watched other girls socialize at recess and flirt with boys our age, but that wasn’t for…

Fishing for Something by Andrew Scott Bassett (Book Review #985)

Fishing for something is a fictional tale about two entrained brothers who barely have anything in common. The one thing they remember is how their father left them and how loving their mother is. However, things changed when they realized that their father has passed away, how they are now rich, inherited an estate, and…

Blood Red Sand by Damien Larkin (Book Review #984)

Blood Red Sand is a space marine science fiction story. This is the second book of the series. The story was set in 1954. The story follows an alternate history timeline where the Nazis have fled the Earth and colonized Mars.

Promise. A Book Of Death by David Applebury (Book Review #983)

Promise is a young adult action-adventure story. The story’s premise begins with a man dying and entering a fantasy world where he works with Death. The tasks given to him are tedious, and he has to deal with Angels, demons, heroes, and villains. The dilemma he faces is fascinating.

A Little Chat with N J M Hemfrey

What are your published works? I self-published my first book, “Haxfuri”, in February 2020. Haxfuri is a cosmic grimdark horror that doesn’t care about your feelings, and I’ve been firmly assured of this by people who have read it. At 640 pages, it is full of philosophical punch and merciless action. The story explores how…

Revelation by Donna J. W. Munro (Book Review #982)

Revelation is a dystopian story about a world where a class structure is at work. An underclass of poppets serves the upper echelons of society, and zombie mythos plays a vital role in the story. Ellie is heir to the company that creates and sells these poppets and finds herself in a pickle when she…

Noonimals BELIEVE by Dalandra Young (Book Review #979)

Noonimals BELEIVE is a children’s book discussing the Law of attraction and the notion that you can be whoever you want if you only believe. The story begins with Adriano and his mother. Adriano doesn’t want to play soccer and feels that he is weak. He asks his mother to call on his friends and…

Portals by Jon D. Zimmer (Book Review #978)

Portals is a science fiction story about Joe, a football player from a wealthy family and providing him full support. An accident while playing causes him to be rushed to the hospital. As he falls in and out of unconsciousness, he sees some portals he chooses to enter.

Health Mind Soul by Jeff Simpson (Book Review #977)

Health mind soul is a self-help book providing 8 steps to finding your inner peace. The book is geared for anyone who wants to make real-life changes. The author wishes the reader to aim big and emphasizes that life is too short.

Poems by AE HINES

With every pre-sale purchase of Any Dumb Animal by A.E. Hines between June and November 2021, a group of anonymous donors will match dollar for dollar each sale and donate it to The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project was founded in 1998 and is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay,…

 No Man’s Land by Ben Magid (Book Review #976)

No man’s land is a dystopian fiction about Rebel, the last remaining human alive on planet earth. Her life is simply about survival and avoiding being hunted by androids. Her only hope and help is a Mech named Thomas, helping her and providing hope for a better day.

Callisto 2.0 by Susan English (Book Review #975)

Callisto 2.0 is a science fiction novel about a fascinating woman named Cali moving to a station orbiting the moon in order to work on a high-speed, technically advanced machine. Cali is a physicist, and this opportunity is excellent for her. Cali loves her new job. Everyone is friendly and loving to her, but soon…

Ghost by Michael Jack Webb (Book Review #973)

Ghost is a supernatural serial killer story in a world where Kate Justice is a young FBI profiler and has to find who is behind all the killings. She is in for many long hours or investigating looking for someone with supernatural abilities. This is the first book in the justice chronicles series, and the…

The Felled – Never Going Back by Ryan S. Leavitt (Book Review #971)

The felled is the first book in its series. The science fiction story begins 12 years after humans have left Earth. With all residing on a ship called Arqa, their primary mission is to create AI in order to bring about an event hailed as the Technological Singularity. With an all-young casting crew, the story…

WHO’S JERRY? BY T. M. JACKSON (Book Review #970)

Who’s Jerry is a story about a little girl who navigates mental illness with her mother. Every time Imani approaches her mother, she snaps back and verbally neglects her child. Imani does not know what she has done wrong. Her mother talks about a friend that Imani has never met or if she asks her…

JoinWith.Me by MIKE MEIER (Book Review #969)

Joinwith.Me is a post-apocalyptic science fiction story about Sam and how his life changes when he stumbles upon a website that at first seems to be helpful but then happens to be a completely diverse endeavor. Sam meets a girl that introduces him to a very different world to his. He tries to avoid her…

Godonism by Theo Von Cezar (Book Review #967)

Godonism is a sci-fi dystopian fantasy story about Ahma and Jovian. Life is very ordinary for both of them until they meet a paranormal being, an angel, offering them a different life and quest. Mistakes are not accepted here.

Falling into all by Ben. R. Teeter (Book Review #966)

Falling into all is a poetry book containing a collection of musings and lyrical sayings influenced by spiritual teachings across cultures. The poems can be used as quotations and prompts. They embody elements that could assist in refocusing life on yourself.

Forget Russia by L. Bordetsky-Williams (Book Review #965)

Forget Russia is a historical fiction. It is the tale of three generations of a Russian Jewish family. The story focuses on Anna’s trip to Russia, then the Soviet Union in 1980, her great parents’ journey in the early 20th century. Anna is searching for a home and travels across the ocean on an Aeroflot…

And The Devil Walks Away by Kevin R. Doyle (Book Review #964)

And the devil walks away is a mystery thriller about Helen being hired by a criminal in order to prove that he has committed the crimes another has been claiming. The serial killer wishes to dig up more crimes than the police know so he can bargain to reduce his sentence.

Amora by Grant J. Hallstrom (Book Review #963)

Amora is a historical fiction with elements of Christian faith embodied in its structure. The story is based on events that actually took place in history. It is detailed and inclusive of historical figures that provide an insight into the Roman period and its society. It also emphasizes how God turns tragedy into triumphs.

An interview with Scott & Ashley Roepel

What are you working on right now? Right now I am writing an epic fantasy series titled Thread of Souls. I’ve got the first two books published, and the third in the series is launching August 27th. The series will be eight books long, so I’m really excited to be in this for the long…

Julie McGue discusses her journey to debut memoir 

At forty-eight years old, I was sent for a breast biopsy. For most women this alone is a nerve-wracking experience, but for an adoptee it produces layers of complicated emotions. My health issues compelled me to launch a search into my closed adoption, something I’d delayed doing for years. While I evaluated search avenues, I…

Captain You by Luca Bosurgi (Book Review #960)

Captain you is a self-help book geared to provide an organized and well-planned course to emotional self-reliance. The author is a mind researcher, healer, and trainer. So, there was no doubt in his knowledge and skill for providing such a richly informative book.

Writing Unique Phrases by A. Carina Spears

Greetings gentle reader! Welcome to a guest post on writing unique phrases for your world-settings.  I’m A. Carina Spears and I’ll be your guide today!  My works range from horror to romance.  That said, my favorite genre is fantasy.  So let’s examine a quote from “Paladin’s Honor”.

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