Birthright: Sierra’s Legacy by Rod Martinez (Book Review #661)

Birthright is a young adult story written about a girl named Sierra. Something horrible happens at a lake, leaving deep scars on her and subsequently effects the rest of her life. The young girl possesses powers that shape up the storyline in an interesting way. Water molecules bend to her command. It was like the water avatar in the last air bender.

I particularly enjoyed the strength, charisma, and character growth of the protagonist. She had not only a past, but also her future was consistently afflicted by it.


The electronic version of the book needed a professional look at. The book numbers and pages were all mixed up. It was really hard trying to figure out when things were starting or finishing.


The literature had a persuasive descriptive – almost paranormal – read to it. This added to the delightful nature of the storyline. I believe there was plenty of room to make a sequel out of the book, and the ending was satisfying.


I would recommend this story to urban fantasy readers and paranormal fans.


Written by Jeyran Main

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