The Writer by J.C. Maetis (Book Review #660)

The Writer is a historical fiction set in the 1938’s. The story is about Mathias Kraemer, Johannes Namal, and Josef Weber. Three protagonists at a time and age where one has to write in order to live, the other lives just to be able to write and the latter, is the source for them to do so.

The world is as its worst. The Nazi’s have endured harsh and un-just living situations for all three of the main characters. The story describes the circumstances and the impact the German Nazis have on Jews, half-Jews and the Austrian-Catholics.


I found the characters to be written with so much depth. Their personalities were easy to bond with and so different from each other yet, all had to co-exist and work together in order to resolve their issues and drama.


The literature was descriptive. Every little movement, feeling, the scene was expressed. This added a truly authentic and touching dynamic of a storyline to the work. What stood out to me most was the impact literature and writing had on people providing hope and impacting their lives.


I recommend this book to people who are interested in historical fiction and like to read stories based on the holocaust.


Written by Jeyran Main



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