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Bad Love Strikes by Kevin L. Schewe (Book Review #695)

Bad love strikes is a science fiction, time travel story revolving around a group of kids who happen to find a time machine while they wander around a tunnel leading them to the “White hold project.” This machine was made by Einstein in secret… Continue Reading “Bad Love Strikes by Kevin L. Schewe (Book Review #695)”

Money, Blood and Conscience by David Steinman (Book Review #668)

Money, blood, and conscience is a tale written with a combination of fiction and investigative journalism. It includes a political call to action for the reader and has a strategic role in Ethiopia’s recent democracy revolution.

The Writer by J.C. Maetis (Book Review #660)

The Writer is a historical fiction set in the 1938’s. The story is about Mathias Kraemer, Johannes Namal, and Josef Weber. Three protagonists at a time and age where one has to write in order to live, the other lives just to be able… Continue Reading “The Writer by J.C. Maetis (Book Review #660)”