Bad Love Strikes by Kevin L. Schewe (Book Review #695)

Bad love strikes is a science fiction, time travel story revolving around a group of kids who happen to find a time machine while they wander around a tunnel leading them to the “White hold project.” This machine was made by Einstein in secret in case Hitler managed to get his hands on certain bombs that destroyed humanity. As the kids learn how to use the time machine, they travel back in time to the 1940s, in order to save the Jews and gypsies from the Holocaust.

Although the subject matter sounded quite serious, and I thought the content would be filled with action, adventure and war type deaths, I found the literature had an added fun nature to it. It was refreshing and enjoyable.


The time for the story was set for war world II and the fact that the group aimed to save lives created a very heartwarming story that kept me intrigued until the end.


I would recommend this story to people who like to read about World War II.



Written by Jeyran Main

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