Carrying My Father’s Torch: From Holocaust Trauma to Transformation by Gail Weiss Gaspar (Book Review #888)


Carrying my father’s torch is a beautiful story written about Gail’s life. It is personal and, at the same time, so relatable to many as her father shares what truly happened to him. At the age of 63, as he stands at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Gail’s father shares family secrets that were cherishable and admirable, inspiring her to do the same.

The memoir is honest and filled with insightful information many may not have been aware of about the holocaust. It is an honorable notion and representation of love, loss, and loyalty to family and what matters most.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The literature is powerful, and Gail does a beautiful job teaching us how one can find personal discovery when you go through the past and understand it. One of the steps to healing is to face reality and be honest with yourself above all. Although the based information could solemnly come from her father, she skillfully managed to include her own voice as well. I liked this about the book most of all.

I recommend this memoir to anyone who likes to read healing stories and compelling, important notions of wisdom from the past.

Written by Jeyran Main

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