The Turing Revolt – The War Against Infinity by Robert Bartlett (Book Review #662)

The turning revolt is a science fiction story about a starship Captain who is manipulated into rebelling against the empire. By choosing to do so, he creates many enemies and so has to begin to find a way out of the mess. What surpasses is against his will, as what he originally wanted was to just be a lonely humble Captain.

The literature had a mixture of artificial intelligence, science fiction, shapeshifters, and vampires. The content was action-packed and kept the reader’s interest. The material was definitely more suited towards adults as it partook sexual and sensitive subject matters.


The world created was descriptive, had a great character growth and introduction. I believe the strength of the work was mainly due to its strong persona and had that added element of thrill.


I would recommend this book to adult science fiction fans and those who like out of space storylines.



Written by Jeyran Main


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