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Who’s your daddy by Arisa white (Book review #797)

  Who’s your daddy is a lyrical genre-bending coming-of-age tale featuring a young, queer, black Guyanese American woman who, while seeking to define her own place in the world, negotiates an estranged relationship with her father.

Hashtag Queer LGBTQ+ vOL 3. By Sage Kalmus (Book Review #605)

Hashtag Queer LGBTQ is a collection of fictional stories, poetry, non- fiction essays, memoirs, scripts, and screenplays. The book is a way of expression for the struggles the Queer literature has suffered. The unsuccessful attempts of failing to publish, to write, to be heard,… Continue Reading “Hashtag Queer LGBTQ+ vOL 3. By Sage Kalmus (Book Review #605)”