The Prize by Geoffrey M. Cooper (Book Review #420)

The Prize is a medical thriller set in a world where medical research is at its peak. The story begins with Pam Weller discovering a drug that can treat Alzheimer’s. After any discovery, the complications of placing your name on the invention becomes another hurdle. Hence, the story then revolves around Eric, Holly and other scientist fighting for different reasons in order to either become famous or claim the recognition. Deceit, fraud, and murder become the game.

I really enjoyed reading this book since it reminded me of the bone curse from Carrie Rubin. The author uses his knowledge in the field of science, and medicine in order to produce a thrilling story.

I found the literature to be strong and very compelling to read. The subject matter focused on being a thriller as well as combine medical references without creating any loopholes in the storyline.

What matters here is that the author manages to pull off a really intriguing story and for that, I recommend it to people that like to read medical stories and thrillers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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