The Limpet Syndrome by Tony Moyle (Book Review 231)

This review was kindly requested by Tony Moyle.

The Limpet Syndrome is a science fiction novel about John Hewsen. John is pronounced dead, however; his soul is somehow still alive. He is in limbo and is in a form of a ball of electricity that still has sensory perception and can experience, emotions, characteristics and possess memories. This condition is called the Limpet syndrome. John is sent on a mission to locate Sandy Logan, the minister of homeland security for the British government. Sandy is a lost soul and if John is able to retrieve him then he will be rewarded with either having his soul positively charged in order to travel to heaven or he can be housed next to father’s soul, in hell. John is left with a harsh predicament and his mission becomes a not too easy one.

Although the story consisted of a dominant afterlife perspective, it was not a doom and gloom kind of novel. The author managed to create this backstory of life and death, accompanying scientific and logical reasoning, for the possibility of what the plot had to offer. The clerk in the story was like the person giving all the information needed for the reader to understand the position and situation John was under.


The character development was done superbly. I believe that is one of the strong aspects of this book. The dialogue had a British slang to it which was nice and the literary standard was in good quality. Everything was easy to understand and the pace of the story was steady enough to keep the interest going. I particularly enjoyed the heaven and hell concept of the plot. I believe, with all the world building and the settings provided in this story, the author can easily create more work and added storylines to this book.

I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in reincarnation, corruption, the human condition, OCD and talking pigeons.

Written by Jeyran Main

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