Tag: Humour

The Gift of the Quoxxel by Richard Titus (Book Review #517)

The Gift of the Quoxxel is a whimsical tale about King Norr. This children’s book is about the king wanting to get out of his island and experience life to the fullest. His life is ideal, and he pretty much has everything he wants….

The Palace of the Stars: Book One of the Harker Investigates Mysteries by Karina McRoberts (Book Review #518)

The Palace of the Stars is a historical fiction novel set in the Victorian era. The story is about Michael Harker, an ex-cop with unfinished business. An earthquake transports Mike, one hundred years into the past. He meets Mae, a dancer, and a magician….

The Limpet Syndrome by Tony Moyle (Book Review 231)

This review was kindly requested by Tony Moyle. The Limpet Syndrome is a science fiction novel about John Hewsen. John is pronounced dead, however; his soul is somehow still alive. He is in limbo and is in a form of a ball of electricity…