The Palace of the Stars: Book One of the Harker Investigates Mysteries by Karina McRoberts (Book Review #518)

The Palace of the Stars is a historical fiction novel set in the Victorian era. The story is about Michael Harker, an ex-cop with unfinished business. An earthquake transports Mike, one hundred years into the past. He meets Mae, a dancer, and a magician. A certain affection happens between the two, and that is when the story takes an exciting turn with him trying to decide how and whether he should go back.


The story was very character driven, and the author displays a very narrative adventure filled with mystery, horror, romance, and humor. The work covered cultural and social issues going back in time and portraying a more compelling story that took me on an exciting journey.


While the story’s reliance was primarily on the main characters, their connections, however, lacked that bond. This may have impacted the story from being extraordinarily good but made it still enjoyable to read.


This murder mystery is recommended to readers that enjoy time travel, romance and appreciate a touch of paranormal.

Written by Jeyran Main


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