FOREVER HERSELF – A Son’s Memoir of a Remarkable Woman by Kerry L. Stevens with Berthella Stevens (Book Review #517)

This is a memoir about the author’s mother, Berthella. Stevens brings life memories of his beloved mother and how life used to be living under her care. The connection between the two, his mother’s life as a bright minded woman and everything she believed in, is retold, creating an exciting remembrance of her life.

I particularly enjoyed the honest portrayal of how Berthella was ahead of her time and was not willing to confine herself to the way everyone else thought and lived. The literature was descriptive and filled with an expression of emotions. It did reflect religious thoughts and triumphs that lead to faith.


The memoir is from the 1960s, after the great depression and how Stevens is fatherless, raised by his mother. Kerry expresses his feelings beautifully as he draws us a picture of how fun his life was growing up. It was very easy to virtually sense the connection, bond, and love between a mother and son.


Berthella is a remarkable woman, and the author spends a great deal of care and love making sure each word and sentence pays tribute to his mother. I admired everything about this book and recommend it to people that enjoy memoirs and picturesque life stories.


Written by Jeyran Main

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