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Wayward Girls by Claire Matturro and Penny Koepsel (Book Review #1119)

Wayward girls is a crime fiction story inspired by the events that occurred at Artesia Hall, a school in Texas where a female student passed away in 1972. The result of this story is what transpires in this beautifully written tale.

Heaven’s Assassins by Patrick J. Sacchetti (Book Review #1099)

Heaven’s assassins is a dark thriller, black humour, crime fiction. I found the book to be just like the author had mentioned. It was the work of street fiction. Honest thoughts, real conversations and feelings that people have. Especially liberal-minded, educated, and well-read folks… Continue Reading “Heaven’s Assassins by Patrick J. Sacchetti (Book Review #1099)”

180⁰ Chord by Chris Leicester (Book Review #1029)

180⁰ Chord is a mystery crime fiction story. The focus is mainly on Detective Sergeant John Gray, the hero of the police force convicted for murdering his wife out of rage. He is sent to the prison that he is familiar with many of… Continue Reading “180⁰ Chord by Chris Leicester (Book Review #1029)”

Bara Lodge by Tsiresy Rasolondraibe (Book Review #1018)

Bara Lodge is a crime fiction. The story begins with Hary Andrean travelling to Madagascar to meet his girlfriend’s parents and ask permission to take her hand in marriage. While he does not get approved or blessed, more complications happen to revolve around drug… Continue Reading “Bara Lodge by Tsiresy Rasolondraibe (Book Review #1018)”

The Watcher in the Night by Michael Carlos Maroney (Book Review #646)

The watcher is a crime thriller about Tobias. He is a watch cat investigating the murder of three cats. The more he investigates, the more crimes become connected to his research.

The fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith (Book Review #569)

The fourth courier is a crime fiction set in 1992. The story is about Jay Porter, a special agent and his gay CIA agent to investigate a Russian physicist who is missing. He is specialized in making atomic bombs and so that gives them… Continue Reading “The fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith (Book Review #569)”

True Mercy by Idelle Kursman (Book Review #531)

True Merci is a crime fiction story written about Marina and Adam. Marina is captured and abused by human traffickers. She manages to escape once her ship stops at New Jersey and meets Adam who has Autism. Both have their own problems as Adam… Continue Reading “True Mercy by Idelle Kursman (Book Review #531)”