The fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith (Book Review #569)

The fourth courier is a crime fiction set in 1992. The story is about Jay Porter, a special agent and his gay CIA agent to investigate a Russian physicist who is missing. He is specialized in making atomic bombs and so that gives them the intuition of a big problem.

The thriller story also contained some history, politics and architectural description. Based on the stories setting, it being after the seismic fall of communism in Eastern Europe, I found the story to contain depth and relativity to real people. When Jay befriends a Polish family, it was easy to see how lives used to be based on the political environment in the communist era.


I found the literature to be worded strong and have a fast pace to it. The story was action packed and based on its descriptive nature had the reader senses a certain thrill and mystery while they read it.


The characters were exclusively singular in their personality and growth. I think that was what made the story amusing and stand out amongst its genre.


I would recommend this book to people who are crime fiction fans and enjoy reading thriller novels.


Written by Jeyran Main

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