Happiness – A way of life by Asif Zaidi (Book Review #568)

Happiness – A way of life is a self-help book geared towards creating the skill to create happiness in your life. By controlling the mind and paying attention to now or not at all you take charge of your experiences and use your body to control the mind. Avoiding negativity and make sound decisions in order to become self-aware and happy with your self, others and alone. I particularly enjoyed the power of perception, a segment of the book. I am a firm believer of the importance it holds and how much of a difference it takes when it is diverted towards the right path.

I found the literature to be easy to follow and understand. The book is positive and informative. I didn’t see anything as a form of instructions or step by step guide, which is typically provided in this kind of work, however; what did exist was useful enough for someone who is looking to make a change in their life.


The concept is forward, and that is to improve the quality of human life. How grand can that be? Is it really possible to be happy without making an effort? This book claims to be able to do such a thing and create happiness as a natural by-product.


The pace and organization for the subject matter were nicely placed together.            It is apparent that the author is trying to provide self-help tactics and to teach the reader to be more in control by gaining well being and happiness and I believe the author succeeds in doing just that.


I recommend this book to self-help readers, and people are seeking happiness.


Written by Jeyran Main

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