Penny Dreadful by Teresa Tam-Morris (Book Review #570)

Penny Dreadful is a psychological thriller written about a social counselor called Jasmine. As a murder intrigues her sense of finding, troublesome scenarios begin to approach her. She investigates further and meets Penny. The story is set in Hong Kong and Jasmine comes from a Chinese mother and an English father. Her race creates a diverse take on her identity and that becomes an issue for the locals and how she gets treated.

There are many dynamics, twists, turns, and scenes, mixed around the murders. The setting of the story is what stood out for me as it complimented the storyline. I believe the protagonist had to be just as strong as the author created because her nature of investigation could have not been as well justified.


The pace of the story was steady and although it did not display a substantial character growth, it still delivered. This is book one of the series and so I was expecting a foundation for the rest of the books. The work did posses enough to carry the story and left some elements in order to pick up where it left off. I do look forward to seeing how the series carry on.


I recommend this book to crime readers, thriller lovers and murder mystery fans.


Written by Jeyran Main

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