Tag: mystery fiction

180⁰ Chord by Chris Leicester (Book Review #1029)

180⁰ Chord is a mystery crime fiction story. The focus is mainly on Detective Sergeant John Gray, the hero of the police force convicted for murdering his wife out of rage. He is sent to the prison that he is familiar with many of… Continue Reading “180⁰ Chord by Chris Leicester (Book Review #1029)”

Stalking Gideon Cain by Kerry Alan Denney (Book Review #923)

Stalking Gideon Cain is a psychological thriller about Brendan Callahan. He is an author of continuous bestselling thrillers. Brendan’s success in his writing is based on a big lie and a secret that takes over the story, challenging his life and causing people to… Continue Reading “Stalking Gideon Cain by Kerry Alan Denney (Book Review #923)”

Against My Better Judgment by B.T. Polcari (Book Review #907)

Against my better judgment is a mystery, young adult fiction story about Sara Donavan, a freshman at the University of Alabama. She also works part-time at a museum gift shop. After purchasing a funerary mask, she receives a mysterious phone call, and that’s when… Continue Reading “Against My Better Judgment by B.T. Polcari (Book Review #907)”