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Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral, A Novel by Charles Porter (Book Review #1199)

Shallcross is an existential thriller fiction and a perfect tale for Halloween and horror fans. The story begins with Aubrey Shallcross and his feelings of the absence of routine since he has sold his business and is retired. Things have lost their purpose, and… Continue Reading “Shallcross: The Blindspot Cathedral, A Novel by Charles Porter (Book Review #1199)”

The Balance of Fear by Diana C. Hall (Book Review #1070)

The balance of fear is a psychological fiction book. It is a compelling and emotionally charged story about Elizabeth Stanton. She has run away to Seattle so that she can be an art teacher. Life seems to be going her way until she finds… Continue Reading “The Balance of Fear by Diana C. Hall (Book Review #1070)”

Memoir of a Doomsday Prophet By Randall DeVallance (Book Review #1041)

Memoir of a doomsday prophet is a suspense thriller about Edwin Block and his time in prison, reminiscing about the time and days that led his life to fall apart. He goes back to when he was still at college and how he failed… Continue Reading “Memoir of a Doomsday Prophet By Randall DeVallance (Book Review #1041)”

Cover your tracks by Daco S. Auffenorde (Book review #904)

Cover your tracks is a Psychological thriller about Margo Fletcher. She is eight months pregnant and traveling from Chicago to Spokane by train. The train brakes, and a massive avalanche plummets down the mountain. Margo listens to a former Army Ranger named Nick and… Continue Reading “Cover your tracks by Daco S. Auffenorde (Book review #904)”

The Blackbird’s Song by Katie Marshall (Book Review #898)

The blackbird’s song is a sad story about Brian, who turns into a destructive person and a murderer due to his abusive trauma experience after his mother’s death. His father, the abuser, affects this boy in such a way that he grows to have… Continue Reading “The Blackbird’s Song by Katie Marshall (Book Review #898)”

The Contest by Nora Katzir (Book Review #880)

The contest is a murder thriller story. Amy, Rachel, Jessica, and Lauri are four good friends. Each have good jobs, and their friendship is close. As dynamic as their personalities and characters are, Rachel seems to be one standing out. Her husband, John, is… Continue Reading “The Contest by Nora Katzir (Book Review #880)”

The Trapper by Ellie Douglas (Book Review #867)

The Trapper is a thriller written about Blake, and Kitty left for dead by their father fighting for their lives and survival. Left in the forest, there are traps, hunters, dangerous and cruel conditions where the kids have to gain courage and rely on… Continue Reading “The Trapper by Ellie Douglas (Book Review #867)”

The Ferret Tom Minder (Book Review #823)

  The Ferret is a suspense novel and is about a man who becomes a witness to a crime and goes into hiding from the Mormon mob. As an LDS elder, Louie Kimble is assigned as a construction foreman in Testimony Acres, a high-end… Continue Reading “The Ferret Tom Minder (Book Review #823)”

Two Murders Too Many by Bluette Matthey (Book Review #813)

Two murders too many is a murder crime thriller story focusing on a chain of murders in Shannon’s town. Charlie Simmons, who has been newly appointed as a policeman, is in charge and investigates to determine what has happened.