Hamartia by Ben Hoene (Book Review #687)

Hamartia is a dark fictional story about Natasha. Thirty years ago, something really awful happened to Natasha, imprinting deep and unforgettable scars on her soul, body and mind. She is mentally ill, on drugs and in her forties when she finally confesses to what happened to her. The confession comes at a price when she realizes that she now has a stalker.

The story is told from a third-person perspective. Natasha’s character does not have a powerful persona, and her story is sad. She does not start like this. Natasha’s personality changes based on what happens to her. Her struggles and demons throughout her life were well described. The author takes care of displaying a fragile image in the reader’s mind and yet, keeping hope for this woman to save herself.


The pace of the story was steady. The mystery and suspense were evident throughout the tale. I would have preferred the story told from her voice. However, this didn’t reduce anything from understanding the story.


The content does discuss matters of rape, mental illness, drugs and sensitive subjects that might trigger or affect some readers.


I would recommend this story to anyone who likes to read horrors suspense, mystery thriller stories.



Written Jeyran Main


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