Living Lightly – Bring Happiness and Calm to Your Everyday by Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander (Book Review #680)

Living lightly is a self-help book written about ways to create happiness and calmness into your life. It approaches the matter by initially identifying that things are not going well. It asks you to step back and have a different look at the situation at hand and suggests that you change your perspective of things in order to reduce being overwhelmed, distracted, and stressed out.

The work is divided by days and begins at the start of the month. Each day provides a page filled with information, something new to learn, and food for your thoughts.


I think this a great book to have as a Christmas present or a new year’s resolution. It covers pretty much everything people ask for when they reach a new phase in their life.


There will be a time at one’s life where you sit and think, enough is enough, and at that moment, I believe, this book would become your soulmate to freedom.


The literature was easy to read and to understand. The words were helpful and caring. The book would suit a generation and is inspired by positivity and the willingness to make a difference in their lives.


Written by Jeyran Main

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