Freefall – A Divine Comedy by Lily Iona Mackenzie (Book Review #511)

Freefall is a fictional tale about Tillie, an aspiring artist. She decides to reunite with her friends and after an accident while hiking; they become closer and decide to travel to Italy in order to celebrate the millennium.

While Tillie decides to use the opportunity to advance her self with her artwork, she falls in love with a dashing priest and that is when the story takes an interesting turn. The journey then becomes a self-discovery one embodying the beautiful side of friendship, feminism, love, and adventure.


I particularly enjoyed the journey through the countries and how descriptive the writing was. It felt as if the reader was moving with the characters and experiencing the environment as they read it. From San Francisco to Whistler to B.C. and then Italy, it was a beautiful voyage covering an exciting recitation.


There was a tremendous amount of humor dominating the content, which was delightful to read. Tillies’ characters were very funny and her relationship with her friends created a very funny dynamic dialogue, enticing you not to put the book down.


I recommend this book to people that enjoy humor, fiction, and just a good read.

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