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Mom Jokes: Chic Comebacks, Polished Puns, & Sophisticated Silliness (Book Review #947)

Mom Jokes is a humoros book filled with jokes and riddles. The book represents the view of a mother paying tribute to all things motherly. It is cleverly illustrated and keeps you intrigued till the end.

The Secret of Rosalita Flats by Tim W. Jackson (Book Review #848)

The secret of Rosalita Flats is a mystery humor set on a small Caribbean island, and it’s about Cal. He is a watchmaker and has inherited a big house he wants to get rid of. All he wants is to get off Blacktip Island… Continue Reading “The Secret of Rosalita Flats by Tim W. Jackson (Book Review #848)”

Just Holden On by Ashley Parr (Book Review #729)

Just holden on is a humorous parenting book written about the moments when you are pregnant and deliver a child. The author shares her experience in an attempt to allow parents to see the struggling parts and the happy parts of motherhood. It is… Continue Reading “Just Holden On by Ashley Parr (Book Review #729)”

Howie and the Parcel Winch by Gavin Wicklow (Book Review #723)

Howie and the parcel winch is a humorous fictional story about an author who lives in New York City and is facing writer’s block. His stepfather gives him advice, which he seeks through. By doing so, the author creates a character named Howie, who… Continue Reading “Howie and the Parcel Winch by Gavin Wicklow (Book Review #723)”

The Poop Diaries by Abby Ross (Book Review #694)

The poop diaries is a non-fictional collection of stories from plumbers about their most hilarious, disgusting, frightening and memorable experiences making service calls. You would expect the book to be filled with poop stories, but it is not. Aside from the humor and the… Continue Reading “The Poop Diaries by Abby Ross (Book Review #694)”

They Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World’s Loosest Cannons by Holly Kirbo (Book Review #648)

They slay me is a memoir written by a mother of three triplets and everything she has learned through raising them. The book is a mixture of humorous and exciting encounters where both parents find themselves watching their children grow. The compilation of stories… Continue Reading “They Slay Me: Keeping a Straight Face with the World’s Loosest Cannons by Holly Kirbo (Book Review #648)”

Freefall – A Divine Comedy by Lily Iona Mackenzie (Book Review #511)

Freefall is a fictional tale about Tillie, an aspiring artist. She decides to reunite with her friends and after an accident while hiking; they become closer and decide to travel to Italy in order to celebrate the millennium.

Everything Not Okay by Laura Tucker (Book Review #478)

Everything not okay is a fictional story about Kate, a 17-year-old dealing with anger issues. Her confidence is low and is forced to stay at a mental health clinic for a month. Being a teenager alone takes a big toll on a person never… Continue Reading “Everything Not Okay by Laura Tucker (Book Review #478)”

Annual International Golf Story Writing Competition

Here is an opportunity for writers to become an International Award-Winning Writer – (something to add to the CV) and you don’t have to be a golfer as we give more weight to the quality of the story. This is the Third Annual International… Continue Reading “Annual International Golf Story Writing Competition”