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Travelers Within by Val Jon Farris (Book Review #1260)

Travelers within is the first book of its series. With thirteen phases of self-discovery, you are sure to be invited on a thrilling journey and adventure. The book is filled with manners of healing and how to apply them in your life. It is… Continue Reading “Travelers Within by Val Jon Farris (Book Review #1260)”

How-to ‘KILL’ the Mocking Birds? By Bruce Claude Nelson (Book Review #1244)

How to kill the mocking bird is a self-help non-fiction book written to compel you to find the courage to make a change in your life. It underlines the many social problems we face in society by providing a compelling telling of two women… Continue Reading “How-to ‘KILL’ the Mocking Birds? By Bruce Claude Nelson (Book Review #1244)”

What is Coronovirus by Sabbithry Persad (Book Review #1228)

What is coronavirus is a nonfiction book providing an educational account and discussion of the novel coronavirus and the pandemic. The book approaches the matter through the world of science and health research.

The Depth of Vision: Screw up Poverty with this Vision by Mohsen Estesnaei (Book Review #1215)

The depth of vision is a nonfiction motivational book written by Estesnaei, providing a different perspective on poverty. It all begins when Estesnaei records his conversations with a teenage boy named Amir while working on his thesis.

Travels with Maurice by By Gary Orleck (Book Review #1157)

Travels with Maurice is a nonfiction book about Gary and his friend, Maurice, a man from a very rich Iranian family on a voyage visiting 12 countries, meeting the Elite of the London music scene, dining with kings and queens, like the Shah of… Continue Reading “Travels with Maurice by By Gary Orleck (Book Review #1157)”

Creating Gods by Omar Newton Wilson (Book Review #1137)

Creating Gods is a self-help- philosophy book discussing the concept of ‘The Sandbox’ being the universe with a gazillion moving parts informing us of the language of which allows us ways to think. The way we think implements constructs existing in singularities.

Floating in Saltwater by Barbara Carter (Book Review #1114)

Floating in saltwater is a memoir about a child’s experience and perspective dealing with dire situations. It is a collection of stories and is staged in three sections beginning with how confusing life is. The book then questions her reason for being and belonging… Continue Reading “Floating in Saltwater by Barbara Carter (Book Review #1114)”

Critical Masses by Julie Banks Lewis (Book Review #1060)

Critical Masses is a self-help, non-fiction book, and it assesses the power dynamics and structural inequalities throughout American history. It discusses the system or powers, capitalism, democracy, patriarchy, and so much more.

KINGS, CONQUERORS, PSYCHOPATHS From Alexander to Hitler to the Corporation by Joseph N. Abraham MD (Book Review #910)

Kings, conquerors, psychopaths is a non-fiction, historical book providing us a realistic look at how leaders and rulers brutally controlled us and how many of the same characteristics are displayed in the tyrants and cooperations we have today. The book introduces us to a… Continue Reading “KINGS, CONQUERORS, PSYCHOPATHS From Alexander to Hitler to the Corporation by Joseph N. Abraham MD (Book Review #910)”