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The Forty-Something Fanboy: A Midlife Crisis in the Age of COVID by Sam Choi (Book Review #1308)

‘The Forty-Something Fanboy’ is a contemporary fiction and begins introducing David Yi, a divorced Korean American man who is struggling to make connections due to Covid-19. He falls in love with Yoon- Mi, but soon that also falls apart since he cannot induce intimacy… Continue Reading “The Forty-Something Fanboy: A Midlife Crisis in the Age of COVID by Sam Choi (Book Review #1308)”

Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)

Reinvented is an autobiography about Jason Calabrese. His life is very hard, mostly with debt, low self-esteem, broken teeth, and a spirit he sees as almost destroyed. Feeling beaten down, he faces unemployment and isolation with COVID-19, but the stillness makes him think and… Continue Reading “Reinvented by Jason Calabrese (Book Review #1088)”

Shaping your new normal by Michelle Green (Book Review #1087)

Shaping your new normal is a self-help book aimed to normalize your intake on life after Covid-19. There is no doubt that things have changed, and everyone has had to find a new normal. The book is like a personal coach giving you guidance… Continue Reading “Shaping your new normal by Michelle Green (Book Review #1087)”

Ahead of the curve by Mabel Hsin, M.D. (Book Review 974)

Ahead of the curve is a self-help book teaching us how to cope with COVID-19 and live a happier life. The author uses her findings to teach us control over the mind, spirit, and body.

COVID Cat by Vaughn Stelzenmuller

COVID Cat by Vaughn Stelzenmuller “Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street,” commands author Jordan B. Peterson. So yesterday wouldn’t you know, walking along and minding my own bid’ness, here comes a fuzzy gray feline, trotting deliberately my direction, meowing and… Continue Reading “COVID Cat by Vaughn Stelzenmuller”