“God Challenges from Philosophy and Science” by Lynne Renoir (Book Review #477)

God Challenges from philosophy and science is a religious book written by Lynne Renoir. In this book, she challenges the view of an all-powerful being in a philosophical way.  She writes to prove that God does not accord with modern science and that there are some explanations for this being but should not be considered as an external source.

As an ex Christian, Lynne undertakes research in subjects such as science, psychology, and philosophy to argue her case. Her book is separated into three sections, and each section discusses God with reason, faith, belief, human experience, consciousness and more.


I noticed that the author referenced her work, which added to the credibility of her work. I particularly enjoyed the part where she compared what each faith says about God, Judaism, Christianity, Islam.


I enjoyed the rich literature. The book appeared to be professionally edited and was put together in a very organized way. I believe anyone interested in religion would find this book to be useful. The debatable nature of the content made the work intriguing.


I believe the work would have benefited from being formatted. Some font sizes varied throughout the content and the headings did not match. That did not, however, take away from the rich analytical style of the writing it contained.


The author challenges the idea of a personal God but also accepts that it is considerable. The transformation of its originality, whether it is in philosophy or science, is the concern. It is evident that the author has truly spent time and love writing this book in order to create an open mind on the subject matter.

I look forward to reading more from this author.


Written by Jeyran Main


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One Comment on ““God Challenges from Philosophy and Science” by Lynne Renoir (Book Review #477)

  1. The Abrahamic religions underpin Western thought. Eastern religions are godless and often do not even discuss god! It’s not a coincidence that Western religions contradict facts and are therefor fanciful and delusional!

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