Taken with a Dark Desire by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #476)

Taken with a dark desire is a fantasy story about Lucifer. He wants a ring that belongs to a world of which he should not get involved with. Therefore, he sends someone else to do the deed for him. Claus needs to kidnap Daniel to be used as trade for the ring.

The story is about angels and demons; therefore, the concept of the storyline has an intense fantasy background. The author managed to draw this world amazing, and I believe that the quality really stood out for me.

The characters were designed very carefully. Notably, Michelle was very stimulating for me. As a woman, I found such a strong personal character to be very appealing. The protagonist had a very interesting temperament.


What I would have cast an improvement would have possibly been the ending. I was looking for a more dramatic ending and felt a little disappointed.


The story is narrated from someone else’s perspective, and I found that to be very novel. Dark fantasy stories are always a delight to read because they contain strong evil characters, you wish to bring down, and I believe the author managed to tell such a story.


I recommend this story to fantasy lovers.


Written by Jeyran Main

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