Everything Not Okay by Laura Tucker (Book Review #478)

Everything not okay is a fictional story about Kate, a 17-year-old dealing with anger issues. Her confidence is low and is forced to stay at a mental health clinic for a month. Being a teenager alone takes a big toll on a person never mind if you also have any other issues. Kate has to deal with her problems and experiences a little romance on the way.

Negativity filled the content with many uses of foul language. The work also had many grammatical mistakes which a professional editor could easily fix. The literature was composed of many short sentences, and that took away the flow from the work. However, it had a good description of the scenery which assisted the reader in understanding what was happening.


The story was told in the first-person narrative and had a good pace to it. Mental health is a major issue with teenagers, and I was thankful to read that that author did portray an authentic touch to how it really can feel being so young.


I particularly enjoyed the relationships Kate made within the institute. James and Aiden certainly had their own problems. I believe this book would be suitable for fiction readers and young adults with caution.


Written by Jeyran Main

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