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Money is the Root of All Evil by Keith Julius

Money is the Root of All Evil by Keith Julius   We’re all aware of the phrase “Money is the root of all evil.”  It’s been around for ages, having originated in 1 Timothy of The Bible, but many people misquote it.  The actual…

Instant Wisdom by Beth Burgess (Book Review #518)

Instant Wisdom is a self-help book that uses psychology, philosophy, and science in order to increase wisdom and enable better living.

It is Only Money, and it Grows on Trees by Cara Macmillan (Book Review #128)

This review was requested by Kelsey Butts. This is a nonfictional book written about a precious commodity, money. It begins with the definition of the subject and what it used to mean. As you know, back in the days’ money was for trade and…