It is Only Money, and it Grows on Trees by Cara Macmillan (Book Review #128)

This review was requested by Kelsey Butts.

This is a nonfictional book written about a precious commodity, money. It begins with the definition of the subject and what it used to mean. As you know, back in the days’ money was for trade and merchants. It was a way to exchange goods and purchases. However, in the century that we live in, money has gained a much different meaning. Now it also demonstrates status, human value and more.

Cara Macmillan not only discusses the above but also goes into a more in-depth discussion on how money is treated with different religions, cultures, and people. The effects of money are preserved and portrayed differently, and this is a fascinating thing to know when it comes to the outside world, particularly in different faiths.

The book is written in the way of which you feel like an observer to a classroom with a teacher, educating her pupils. You are being taught everything there is to know about money and how using it affects your life. The amount of dependency also affects your pure existence.

I found the book to be very easy to read. The structure and layout were well planned. There is a consistency with the connectivity of the paragraphs and topics discussed. It did feel like a grown up teaching a child rather than a professor teaching his pupils, but I believe, that did not take away anything from the message it was trying to set to scale.

I recommend this book to anyone that wishes to read on the topic in general and appreciates learning something from a book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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