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The Art and Science of Meditation by Lisa Erickson (Bok Review #926)

The art and science of meditation is a self-help book geared to help you deepen and personalize your practice. The author aims to overcome challenges and enhance human spirituality by integrating meditation techniques to create an ideal world for the reader. Scientific research has… Continue Reading “The Art and Science of Meditation by Lisa Erickson (Bok Review #926)”

Why I Write STEM Booksby Lois Wickstrom

Why I Write STEM Books by Lois Wickstrom   Children discover the world around them when they play.   They discover in nature what they will later learn to call science.   My stories grow from this joyous approach to life.   I was… Continue Reading “Why I Write STEM Booksby Lois Wickstrom”

CHALLENGES OF THE GODS by C. Hofsetz (Book Review #524)

Challenges of the Gods is a fictional story about a man who somehow falls into a secondary world where it is neither heaven nor hell. There, he realizes that he has been chosen to destroy Earth. He is returned with a different body meets… Continue Reading “CHALLENGES OF THE GODS by C. Hofsetz (Book Review #524)”

Evolution by Cody Toye (Book Review #281)

Evolution is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, fantasy novel written about a world where humans are hiding to survive from a human-made scientific experiment – gone wrong. It all began when Joan Redman found a pod producing plant that created little frogs by using no water… Continue Reading “Evolution by Cody Toye (Book Review #281)”

Where Did The Hills Go by Lali Gupta Chatterjee (Book Review #474)

Where did the hills go? is a fictional story about the hills and buildings of Edith’s world disappearing. The universe plays a trick on these and this mystery novel takes you on a journey searching for answers.