CHALLENGES OF THE GODS by C. Hofsetz (Book Review #524)

Challenges of the Gods is a fictional story about a man who somehow falls into a secondary world where it is neither heaven nor hell. There, he realizes that he has been chosen to destroy Earth. He is returned with a different body meets a woman and that’s where the journey takes on an adventurous tale. The God’s are at play and Mike is the chosen one.

I understood that the story revolved around saving the world and without trust and a strong connection between the casting crew, the story would have fallen apart. However, the underline of the tale revolved around how far people were willing to go before they would begin to question their own belief. I think that was what made the book stand out and presented a more meaningful story. In the end, the decisions that Mike took had consequences and affected everyone else, so this matter created a special dynamic for the story.


The literature possessed a delightful descriptive nature. The principal characters had a well-created personality and were interconnected. The pace of the story was steady and kept the reader intrigued. The Gods being at play added a delightful nature to the storyline and I believe this book would suit most science fiction fans and people who like to read about fantasy.


Written by Jeyran Main

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