Finally Giving Writing a Try by Idelle Kursman

Finally Giving Writing a Try by Idelle Kursman

I always loved writing and people often complimented my work, but it never occurred to me to try to publish a book. The idea struck me when my twins were born. I would read children’s books to them every day because studies found that children raised on reading acquired a love of learning. The more I read to them, the greater the desire I had to write my own book. As they got older, I started taking writing classes and attending writing groups. I first completed a novel when I participated in the 2010 Nanowrimo (National National Writing Month). Nanowrimo gave me the confidence and discipline I needed to finally finish a novel. By the time I wrote True Mercy, I felt ready to publish. It was an education learning about formatting, book cover design, copyright, contracts, and publishing options. Since traditional publishers rejected over 90% of manuscripts, I chose to self-publish. I had complete control over the content, the editing, and everything else.

                  True Mercy is a thriller that deals with two social issues: families coping with a member with autism and the human trafficking crisis. I have a loved one with autism so I am very familiar with this subject. Autism is frequently in the news but very little is mentioned about how challenging and stressful it is for families, not only inside the home but also out in public. I also wanted to call attention to human trafficking because a few years before writing the novel, I saw the movie Taken. I had never heard of human trafficking, and it was shocking to learn this crime takes place all over the world. In my book launch, human trafficking was the third largest criminal activity and now it is the second. The public must be made aware because it could happen to anyone, as we have seen in the media in the last few years.

I love writing and find it a good way to express my ideas and use my imagination. There are plenty of challenges: finishing the manuscript or article, editing it until it’s ready for publication, and then finding readers. Book promotion is the toughest part, but writers must find avenues to reach an audience. Of course, it always helps when book bloggers like Jeyran Main dedicate time and create a platform to help writers get their work reviewed and noticed. Yet despite the challenges, it all goes back to the love of writing.


Author Bio:

Idelle Kursman was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston College and her master’s from William Paterson University. Idelle taught for many years and was a correspondent for a local newspaper. She has written articles for various publications and writes regularly on her website. She has a loved one with autism, who is the inspiration for one of her characters. After watching the movie Taken five years ago, she felt compelled to write a novel about human trafficking. Since Idelle loves thrillers, especially if it is a book she cannot put down, she sought to give readers this experience in her debut novel. At the same time, Idelle wants to raise awareness for autism and the international human trafficking crisis. She is getting her second novel ready for publication. Idelle lives with her family in New Jersey.



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